SYMBIS — Launching Lifelong Love Starts Here

You can build a strong foundation of marriage on more than hope. The SYMBIS Assessment gives you a personalized road map to launching lifelong love in your marriage, regardless of whether you’re pre-engaged, engaged, or already married. Here’s a message from its founders:

SYMBIS–Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts–is an award-winning assessment tool used by more than a million couples. The newest update is also designed for married couples who want to strengthen their connection.

This is not a test. There are no right or wrong answers. SYMBIS is a catalyst for insight so that you can learn how your personalities mesh and how you can create lifelong love.

The SYMBIS Assessment just may be the most important thing you do for your relationship. After our initial consultation, I’ll send links to your individual assessments. After both of you have taken the assessment, I’ll invite you to follow-up sessions to unpack the results.

You’ll discover everything you need to know about:

  • Your Personalities – discover strengths you both bring to marriage
  • Your Love Life – cultivate deeper intimacy and lifelong passion
  • Your Fight Types – discover your “hot topics”
  • Your Talk Styles – crack the code for heartfelt and lasting connections
  • Your Deepest Longing – create your ultimate soul-to-soul connection
  • Your Money Methods – kick financial worries to the curb and deepen your connection with one another

Couples may schedule sessions with me to take the SYMBIS assessment. The cost of the assessment is $35 per couple. Most couples require a total of four or five one-hour sessions to unpack the results. The total cost is $250 or two payments of $125. Couples who pre-pay the $250 retainer will receive the assessment for free. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate suitable for framing or to use so that you can apply for a discount for your marriage license.

Sometime in 2021, I will also offer SYMBIS education classes for the couples. This will be a group setting. I will make an announcement prior to launching that part of the program.

If you’re ready to get started or have questions whether the SYMBIS assessment is right for you, you may contact me clicking on the button below. I’ll contact you within one business day (Monday-Friday).

Here’s how one couple used the assessment to strengthen their marriage.