Drive-Thru Weddings

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, many couples have opted to scale down their ceremonies. Others have opted to get married now and host a big ceremony with family and friends. Drive-thru weddings are a viable alternative for couples who want a quick ceremony without all the fanfare.

Drive-thru weddings are now available at my Parkersburg, WV chapel as well as my office in Veto, OH. You can get married FAST or get married FASTER.

Two options are available:

FAST – Short, Sweet, & Hitched To Go! (Includes ceremonies with ring exchange.) – $100 Parkersburg, WV ceremonies add sales tax. Total – $107

FASTER – Married in a Minute Sign-and-Go (Just say, “I do.” No ring exchange.) – $50 Parkersburg, WV ceremonies add sales tax. Total – $53.50

Ohio drive-thru services are located in front of my office at 4336 State Route 339 in Veto, OH. Simply call or text, and I will meet you at your car. Hours are seasonal, based on daylight hours. See the contact form below for current hours of operation.

Please note: Digital images are not included with these packages.

*** Bring your Ohio Marriage License and IDs. Out-of-State residents who wish to get married in Ohio must obtain a Marriage License from the Washington County Probate Court located at 205 Putnam Street in Marietta. Ohio residents may obtain their license from any county in Ohio.

*** WV Drive-thru services are located outside my chapel at 531 Market Street in downtown Parkersburg, WV by appointment only. Residents and non-residents may obtain a WV Marriage License in any county to get married in Parkersburg. Click HERE to obtain your WV Marriage License at the Wood County WV courthouse.

Please call/text 740-525-6974 in advance to ensure that I am not officiating at another location. You may also contact me by using the contact form below.

The Mid-Ohio Valley Wedding Chapel is located at 531 Market Street in downtown Parkersburg, WV. I officiate weddings by appointment at the chapel or on location in WV and OH. You may also call or text 740-525-6974 to speak with an officiant.
For short-notice drive-thru ceremonies, please text/call 740-525-6974 between the hours of 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM. If I do not answer, please leave a message. I will contact you as soon as possible. Hours are seasonal, based on daylight hours.