Now Booking Holiday Beauty Sessions

I’m feeling particularly generous this holiday season. I’ve been in The Dils Center nearly two years. I’m blessed to own and operate my photography studio and my wedding business in an executive suite on the second floor. The last two years have been hectic, exciting, worrying, and wonderful.

I wouldn’t change a thing….

To celebrate my two-year anniversary at The Dils Center, I’m offering four holiday boudoir and pin-up portrait packages this year. I’ve added more products to each package. I’ve lowered the price on my lowest package and have added some exciting extras to a new top-tier package.

You may take advantage of my holiday payment plans. You asked. I listened. Simply pay the non-refundable retainer to reserve your spot, and make payments on the rest. I’ll break it down to as many payments that work for you. All sessions must be paid in full the day before your session. If you’d like, you may reserve your spot but schedule your actual session later. That way, you’re on the list for this exclusive offer.

If you’d like to give the gift of photography to someone, you may purchase a gift certificate toward a future boudoir and pin-up session. You may purchase a gift certificate good toward a future session OR purchase the entire session. I’ll honor these packages for any gift certificate purchased by December 24, 2019.

Beauty photography is idea for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. I’ll customize the session to YOU. The only restriction is that you have to be at least 18 years old.

To learn more about my holiday sessions, click HERE.

To reserve your spot, call or text me at (740) 525-6974 or send a message via email by clicking HERE.

It’s Our Anniversary Day

Four years ago today, my then-fiance-now husband and I drove to Columbus, OH and got married. There were no announcements. No guests. It was just me and Johnny and an officiant we met for the first time.

My decision to elope wasn’t an immediate one. I had a beautiful New Orleans wedding pictured in my mind, officiated on the Langles Bridge in City Park. It was wonderful, in theory, but I decided to go another way because, quite frankly, other people can be a pain when planning a wedding.

I planned a beautiful event to celebrate our love. I was so excited! Then, I wasn’t. Some of the guests were more concerned about who would be the designated driver after the reception than the fact that we were getting married. Somewhere, the purpose of our wedding got lost. There were disagreements. I cried. Then I tossed a handful of frustrations to the wind and planned an intimate elopement for two.

Johnny and I drove to the wedding chapel with the guidance of our GPS. The chapel was inside the wedding officiant’s home, and Johnny drove slightly past the driveway. When he realized that we had reached our destination, he quickly swerved toward the driveway and nearly landed in a ditch. Our officiant saw it happen…as well as another couple who were there for a sign-and-go. It was a bit embarrassing, but we survived.

The woman who married us has did a beautiful job with our ceremony. She had converted the top floor of her home into a wedding business, and she made the process of getting married quick and easy. To this day I have no idea what she said during our ceremony. The excitement of marrying the man I loved overshadowed her words, but I remember that in the moment it was beautiful. Minutes later, I told Johnny that I, too, would like to marry couples one day because she made made our wedding special. Little did I know that I would own a wedding officiant business one day.

Today is the anniversary of that wedding trip to Columbus. I woke at 4:00 A.M., like most days, and taught my online classes. I have a crazy work schedule. I teach English as a Second Language to students in China; I am a wedding officiant; I am a photographer; and I am a ghost writer/editor for individuals who publish books and websites. I am busy. I split my sleep most days into two three- or four-hour naps. I sometimes forget what day it is. Today was no different.

When I woke this morning, I had forgotten that today was our anniversary…and so did my husband! It was a Facebook “happy anniversary” wish from my sister-in-law that reminded me. Johnny and I had to laugh. I knew our anniversary was this week but with my wacky sleep schedule, I didn’t realize that today was October 9. He thought today was October 8. It may not seem romantic, but this is what marriage is about… learning to laugh at our moment-to-moment faux pas, as well as staying together when the rough patches hit and neither of you feel like laughing.

How will we celebrate?

He’s making his delicious white chicken chili for our anniversary. (My husband is a great cook!) We plan to go Halloween costume shopping and then spend the evening watching a movie together. Although we’ve celebrated our anniversary with fancy dates in the past, today we want a quiet celebration. Through the good times, the obstacles, the laughter, and the tears, we’re still going strong. That’s reason enough to celebrate.



Book a Meeting. Get a Massage.

I am partnering with Kelli Backos, owner of Mid-Ohio Valley Massage LLC, and offering meeting room rental/massage packages. This is perfect for bridal showers, baby showers, sales meetings, or business meetings. Or, add a massage-package add-on when you reserve my chapel for your wedding.

Here’s how it works.

Schedule your meeting, wedding, or vow reaffirmation in my studio. You’ll qualify for the massage package add-on.


Mid-Ohio Valley Wedding Officiants Chapel

This is perfect if you want enough space to celebrate a special occasion or to gather for a business meeting. A two-hour minimum rental block is required to book a room.

Two-hour rental – $50 for the first two-hour block/$25 for each additional hour. Includes the use of the studio, 35 chairs, and two tables. The room seats 35 people comfortably. Feel free to decorate for your special occasion.


One-hour block minimum required for all services.

Photography Packages: I have everything you need onsite to document your special event! Mid-Ohio Valley Wedding Officiants is a division of Deb Lorentz Photography. I will provide event photography onsite. Contact me for pricing options.

Onsite chair massages — $60 for one hour: Pamper your guests with chair massages during your meeting in my studio. Share the hour with your guests starting with 5-minute massages. Kelli will bring her special massage chair, or she can massage your guests’ neck and shoulders while seated at a table during your meeting. (Tips are appreciated!)

One-hour single or couple’s spa massage — $60. Indulge yourself in a one-hour massage or share the hour with your loved one. Kelli’s studio is just steps away from the wedding chapel. You deserve to be pampered! Use it on your wedding day or as a special occasion before or after your wedding date. Ask Kelli about spa package add-ons!

90-minute single or couple’s spa massage — $90. Get everything listed in the couple’s above with a time upgrade to 90-minutes!

I’m excited to offer these new options to my clients in the Mid-Ohio Valley. Call or text me at 740-525-6974 or contact me at for more information or to schedule a tour.

What is a Love Letter Wine Box Ceremony?

If you want a wedding ceremony that offers extra meaning to your special day, a Love Letter Wine Box Ceremony could be just what you’re looking for.

Think of the Love Letter Wine Box as your personal time capsule. You’ll write a love letter to your fiancé/fiancée prior to your wedding. Your fiancé/fiancée will write a letter to you. Then each of you will seal your letter in an envelope without showing the other.

The love letters should express the good qualities in the person you’ve chosen to marry, why you’ve chosen to marry your fiance, and what made you fall in love. During the ceremony, the sealed letters are placed in a custom wooden wine box that contains a bottle of wine and two glasses.

The wine box is symbolic of the strength of the commitment you’ve made to each other. Traditionally, wine is used but you can substitute your favorite whiskey, tequila, or another beverage of your choice. The bottle is sealed in a box with your love letters and glasses. 

During the ceremony, I’ll explain the significance of the wine box to your guests. We’ll place love letters in the box that you’ve written to each other. We’ll seal the box at the ceremony, or you can choose to hammer it shut during your reception. (Boxes with latches are also available.) Then, take the wine box home and put it away for the future.

In the future, when you’re struggling through difficult times, open the box to help you to reflect on the reasons why you chose to marry each other and to strengthen the bond you’ve created. Use it to reconnect, to reflect, and to rewind to a time when your love was new.

Or, you can schedule a date in the future to open the box. For instance, some couples choose a milestone, such as the birth of their first child or their five- or ten-year anniversary, to open the box, read the letters, and to reflect on their marriage.

When it’s time to open the box, here’s how it works.

Open the box. Hand each other the letter you’ve written. Walk into separate rooms. Read your letters. Then return to each other to enjoy a toast to your love and the milestones you’ve accomplished in your marriage. This is also a great time to talk about your feelings and all that you’ve accomplished in the time you’ve been together.

I love the idea of a Love Letter Wedding Box. After the ceremony, set it in a place as a reminder of the special place you hold in each other’s hearts.

Will you love through good and bad? When you’re happy and you’re sad?

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all wedding. Our love is different. Our stories are different. While many people love the traditional marriage ceremony, there are a few of us who want something a little more whimsical…something that embraces the weird and wacky as well as the love we feel for each other.

And who’s more whimsical than Dr. Seuss?

That’s why I’m offering Dr. Seuss-inspired wedding vows at my chapel or at your chosen location.

If you want a fun and light-hearted ceremony, the Dr. Seuss ceremony is available in my Intimate Elopement for Two packages as well as my Contemporary Secular Ceremonies.

“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” ~ Dr. Seuss

Mid-Ohio Valley Wedding Officiants is hosting a rustic and spooky Halloween wedding event!

Halloween is the perfect time to have a fun, ghoul-themed Halloween wedding! I am excited to announce the Mid-Ohio Valley Wedding Officiants “‘Til Death Do Us Part” Wedding Event!

The best news is that I’m waiving the venue fee and knocking off an additional $25 for anyone who gets married October 25-31. The cost will be $125 for all weddings in the Mid-Ohio Valley Wedding Officiants Chapel. And two weddings are better than one! Sign up with another couple for two back-to-back weddings in the same evening, and the cost will be $100 per couple!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Costumed Wedding Officiant
  • Use of the Halloween-themed wedding chapel for 45 minutes
  • A specially-written Halloween-themed ceremony
  • Walk down the aisle to Halloween-themed music
  • Use of the coffin ring bearer wedding box
  • Complimentary pumpkin-colored guest book
  • “Well Wishes” box with special messages from your guests
  • Complimentary Filing of Marriage License
  • Five digital images with reprint rights — 3 chapel photos and 2 Halloween backdrop photos

Pictured below: The Mid-Ohio Valley Wedding Officiants Chapel and The Halloween backdrop. Click on the images to view full size.

Reserve your spot early! A non-refundable retainer of $75 is required to secure your date and time. Afternoon and evening appointments are available.

The Mid-Ohio Valley Wedding Officiants Chapel is located at 521 Market Street on the second floor of the Dils Center in Suite 8. The chapel seats 35 guests. Contact Deb Lorentz at 740-525-6974 to reserve your spot. You may also send an email to or via Facebook by clicking HERE.


Great News! Tell Me Your Love Story to Win a July 2019 Ceremony

In other news…. The Mid-Ohio Valley Wedding Officiants chapel is closing July 30

Mid-Ohio Valley Wedding Officiants will permanently close its doors at The Dils Center July 30. While this marks the end of my tenure at The Dils Center, it’s only the beginning of the next exciting milestone in my business. I’m not closing my officiant business…. I’m closing the chapel until I relocate to a new venue.

I want to thank the couples of The Mid-Ohio Valley for the love and support I’ve received this past year. Your stories have inspired me, made me laugh, and made me cry. I know that getting married is your big day, but the love I’ve witnessed over the past year has blessed me 100-fold. Thank you for choosing me as your wedding officiant.

For my big send-off and launch into my next adventure, I’m hosting a contest for one complimentary wedding vow renewal, elopement, or Simple Ceremony. Here’s the catch, you must redeem your gift and use it in the chapel no later than July 30.

To enter, write an essay of one page or less telling me why you or someone you know deserves a complimentary wedding or vow renewal. Tell me your/their love story and why now is the perfect time to get married. Make me laugh. Make me cry. Move me. The essay that touches my heart the most will win a ceremony valued at up to $150.

The good news is that everyone who enters the contest will receive a special offer that is valid for a July chapel wedding.

There are two ways to enter:

1.) Send your contest entry to the Mid-Ohio Valley Wedding Officiants Facebook page HERE.

2.) Send your contest entry to

Click HERE to see a few of the beautiful couples I’ve joined in matrimony. Will you be next?

Contest entries must be received no later than July 15 at 11:59 PM EST. Choice of religious or non-religious ceremony. Guest limit is 17 people. Please note that prizes are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash. You must obtain a valid WV Marriage License prior to your ceremony.

Mid-Ohio Valley Wedding Officiants — One Year Later

As I put the finishing touches on a Signature Ceremony that I will officiate this weekend, I can’t help but reflect on why I chose to become an officiant a year ago and what it means to me today.

A year ago I became an ordained wedding minister. I owned a large photography studio, and I loved the idea of officiating weddings as an adjunct to my main business. One month after my ordination, I officiated my first wedding. One year later, I’ve switched gears and have made my wedding officiant business my number one priority.

I’ve learned that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to getting married. In fact, my Sign-and-Go ceremonies (often called “just sign the paperwork” weddings) have just as many tears of joy as my customized Signature Ceremonies. The moment I pronounce a couple married, their family tree instantly changes. I love that. I love being part of it. My biggest surprise is how often I have to work hard to “keep it together” so that I don’t burst out in tears, as well. It is certainly an emotional and humbling experience to do what I do.

I have performed a variety of weddings this past year. I officiated a ceremony in a hospital room as the groom’s mother had only days to live. I married a military couple who traveled from China to marry in front of their closest family and friends. I’ve married same-sex couples, one of which was denied by 10 ministers before I said I’d marry them.

If I had to do it over again, I’d say “Yes” to this newfound business I’ve created. My only regret is that I waited so long to do it. As I make plans to expand my service options, I’ll keep you informed of my progress. I’ve worked in several careers ranging from counselor to copywriter/editor to photographer to college instructor to now an ESL teacher for Chinese students. All of my choices have been rewarding, but I can honestly say that watching two people make a life commitment to each other–and their families–has been my greatest reward of all.


One Day Only! Half-Price Marriage Ceremony to Celebrate Our Grand Opening!

Friday, September 7 is the Grand Opening of Mid-Ohio Valley Wedding Officiants. We are located in the Deb Lorentz Photography studio on the second floor of The Dils Center at 521 Market Street.

We will be featured in the Market Street Merchants & Artists Walk. To celebrate, I’m offering half-price ceremonies for Friday only! All in-house chapel weddings will be half off the prices listed HERE.

You can reserve your appointment beginning at 7:00 AM. I will book appointments through the end of the day. These rates do not include a complimentary 5×7; however, I will offer one digital image that will be posted on my blog and Facebook page.

Reserve your appointment now! Contact me at 740-525-6974, via email at, or via Facebook. The special is for Sign-and-Go, Elopements, and Simple Ceremonies in the chapel. (The chapel seats up to 13 guests.)

Don’t forget to bring your WV marriage license, government-issued IDs (drivers’ license, ID card, U.S. Passport, etc.).  Spots are filling quickly! Contact me to schedule your appointment.