Coming Soon: American Sign Language Ceremonies

I haven’t always been a wedding officiant. Prior to joining people in marriage and teaching, I worked in counseling. I have extensive experience working as a child care counselor and a Vocational Rehabilitation Services Specialist. In these roles, I served people with a variety of physical, educational, and vocational challenges.

Recently, I’ve started learning — relearning — American Sign Language (ASL). Years ago, I started this journey with a six-week course, and I’ve always wanted to add to that. Finally, I’m pursuing this goal.

While it takes a long while to become fluent in ASL, I’m now focusing on learning a wedding ceremony so that I can officiate ceremonies for couples with hearing impairments. My offering will be limited, at first, but as I master this new language, I’ll expand my services.

I’d love to get suggestions from people who are fluent in ASL to help me in my journey. In the meanwhile, I’ll keep you posted. When I have mastered my first ceremony, I’ll make the official announcement that ASL ceremonies are available.


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