Important Changes in Services

Effective November 1, I will limit the number of weddings in the micro-chapel. This is the room that holds up to 29 guests. I am going to gradually phase out services offered in the bigger room. I will only accept reservations during the month of your wedding. For instance, if you want to get married in November, reserve the room in November. If you want to get married in December, place your reservation that month.

I will, however, continue to officiate ceremonies in my elopement chapel on a full-time basis. Any ceremony that allows up to four guests is included in these chapel packages. As always, I’ll still travel to the ends of WV and OH to marry couples.

October’s theme is sunflowers! It’s a beautiful way to celebrate your fall wedding.

I’m restructuring my business and focusing on services that are most cost-effective and most profitable. While I phase out my micro-chapel, I’ll be selling wedding décor and other personal items from my chapel, home, and storage unit. I have posted–and will continue to post–a variety of items. I’ve lost nearly 50 pounds since the end of March, so I’ll be filling this page with clothing too.

If you’d like to check out my personal sales group, you can click HERE to browse.

I look forward to officiating many more weddings for Mid-Ohio Valley couples in the future!

Check out the beautiful fall décor below.


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