Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS)

Did you know that couples are 31% less likely to get divorced if they have pre-marital education or counseling? Lifelong love begins with thoughtful preparation.

Beginning October 2020, I will offer the SYMBIS assessment for couple’s coaching and group classes. SAVING YOUR MARRIAGE BEFORE IT STARTS is part marriage education/part marriage coaching. As a former counselor and college instructor, I’m thrilled to offer both coaching and marriage preparation education to couples in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

SYMBIS is a pre-marriage assessment designed to launch lifelong love. It is perfect for pre-engaged, engaged, and newly-married couples.

The goal of SYMBIS is to initiate an intervention at the front-end of your marriage. However, this isn’t marriage counseling. Rather, it gives insight into what you and your partner bring to your marriage. It gives you a personalized road map to make your marriage everything it is meant to be.

The assessment is designed to help you transition from a dating couple to a marriage mindset. It’s based on research and touches on more than two dozen dimensions that each partner brings into a marriage.

Here’s what we’ll explore.

• Marriage Mindset
• Self-concept
• Maturity
• Independence
• Longevity
• Stability
• Similarity
• Stress
• Caution Flags
• Cohabitation
• Unrealistic Expectations
• Baggage
• Social Support
• In-law Relationships
• Cultural Context
• Spiritual Beliefs
• Finances
• Role Expectations
• Personality
• Love
• Sex
• Attitudes and Happiness
• Communication
• Bridging the Gender Gap
• Conflict Management
• Spiritual Intimacy
• Re-marriage (if relevant)
• Blending a Family (if relevant)

This is not a cookie-cutter assessment. It’s personalized to your experiences and how those experiences will form your marital relationship. After we unpack the results, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion.

Here’s how SYMBIS helped one couple create lasting love.

See how the SYMBIS Assessment helped Chris and Toni

If you’re interested in marriage education before you get married or if you’re in the first year of marriage, reach out to me. I’ll notify you of news and updates about this exciting program.


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