Mid-Ohio Valley Wedding Officiants is Moving to 531 Market Street

Effective August 1, Mid-Ohio Valley Wedding Officiants will move to 531 Market Street, just a few steps away from my current location. I originally thought I would be working from my home until we could build the new chapel, but an unexpected opportunity presented itself. Therefore, I’ll be moving to the corner of Market and Sixth Streets.

Although I’m scaling down my office space, couples will still be able to plan weddings with guests at my new location. I’ll perform the following ceremonies in my office: Sign-and-Go, Intimate Elopement for Two, and Short, Sweet, and Hitched with four guests. I’m also going to maintain regular office hours at two or three times a week for walk-in services.

Couples who want to have a small wedding with guests will be able to upgrade their wedding ceremony. I’ll be offering micro-weddings, just as I do in my current chapel. I am not sure what the seating capacity will be at my new location, but I do know that we can seat at least 35 guests–perhaps more.

Thank you to all my supporters. I changed careers at a time in my life when friends my age were counting down the years to retirement. I took a leap of faith with Mid-Ohio Valley Wedding Officiants. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do.

If you want a large wedding space, I highly recommend The Dils Center. The owners have upgraded the first-floor rooms, and they offer outstanding customer service. Keep in mind that I can officiate your wedding there, too, as well as any location in West Virginia or Ohio.

I’ll keep everyone updated as I get closer to August. I will continue to make appointments for weddings at my location or yours in the Mid-Ohio Valley. I’m happy to say that I’ll be in downtown Parkersburg for at least another year doing what I love to do.



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