What is a Love Letter Wine Box Ceremony?

If you want a wedding ceremony that offers extra meaning to your special day, a Love Letter Wine Box Ceremony could be just what you’re looking for.

Think of the Love Letter Wine Box as your personal time capsule. You’ll write a love letter to your fiancé/fiancée prior to your wedding. Your fiancé/fiancée will write a letter to you. Then each of you will seal your letter in an envelope without showing the other.

The love letters should express the good qualities in the person you’ve chosen to marry, why you’ve chosen to marry your fiance, and what made you fall in love. During the ceremony, the sealed letters are placed in a custom wooden wine box that contains a bottle of wine and two glasses.

The wine box is symbolic of the strength of the commitment you’ve made to each other. Traditionally, wine is used but you can substitute your favorite whiskey, tequila, or another beverage of your choice. The bottle is sealed in a box with your love letters and glasses. 

During the ceremony, I’ll explain the significance of the wine box to your guests. We’ll place love letters in the box that you’ve written to each other. We’ll seal the box at the ceremony, or you can choose to hammer it shut during your reception. (Boxes with latches are also available.) Then, take the wine box home and put it away for the future.

In the future, when you’re struggling through difficult times, open the box to help you to reflect on the reasons why you chose to marry each other and to strengthen the bond you’ve created. Use it to reconnect, to reflect, and to rewind to a time when your love was new.

Or, you can schedule a date in the future to open the box. For instance, some couples choose a milestone, such as the birth of their first child or their five- or ten-year anniversary, to open the box, read the letters, and to reflect on their marriage.

When it’s time to open the box, here’s how it works.

Open the box. Hand each other the letter you’ve written. Walk into separate rooms. Read your letters. Then return to each other to enjoy a toast to your love and the milestones you’ve accomplished in your marriage. This is also a great time to talk about your feelings and all that you’ve accomplished in the time you’ve been together.

I love the idea of a Love Letter Wedding Box. After the ceremony, set it in a place as a reminder of the special place you hold in each other’s hearts.




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