5 Reasons Why You May Want a Walk-In Wedding

Since I officiated my first wedding last summer, I’ve learned that one thing is certain. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all wedding. I have officiated weddings in a variety of places including homes, hospitals, and at wedding event venues. Regardless of where we meet, the sentiment is always the same. Two people who love each other want to make a lifelong commitment.

One popular option I offer is the Sign-and-Go ceremony. Couples arrive at my office, the courthouse, a restaurant, wherever… and walk in single and walk out married. When I officiate a Sign-and-Go marriage, I give the “bare minimum” that I am required by law to join two people in marriage. Here’s how it works.

We’ll set a meeting place to officiate the ceremony. Many people meet me at The Mid-Ohio Valley Wedding Officiants chapel. At this writing, my weddings are by appointment only. However, I perform my fair share of last-minute weddings in as early as an hour from the initial contact.

The Sign-and-Go lasts about a minute, and there are two parts of the ceremony: The Declaration of Intent and the Pronouncement. The Declaration of Intent is where I ask you a few questions, and you respond with “I will” or “I do.” The Pronouncement begins when I say…By the authority vested in me by the state of West Virginia/Ohio, I now pronounce you husband and wife/married for life.

This is a popular option for many of the couples I serve. There is no exchange of rings, but I do my best to make this short and simple ceremony special. If you’ve been thinking of a walk-in, sign-and-go ceremony, there are five reasons why it may be the best option for you and your loved one.

  1. You want an inexpensive alternative to a traditional wedding. The Sign-and-Go ceremony is a legally-binding alternative to a large, more costly wedding. Many couples prefer this quick ceremony as an economic avenue to marriage.
  2. You want to keep it simple. Many couples tell me that they have no interest in a formal wedding ceremony in front of family and friends. “We don’t want anything fancy” is what they say to me. They don’t care about the pomp and circumstance of a public ceremony. They love each other and just want to be married.
  3. You want to keep it secret. There are times when a couple wishes to keep their marriage private. They do not intend to announce their marriage to family or friends…yet. When you choose me as your officiant, your secret is safe with me. The couples featured on my Facebook page and website have given to me their permission to share the details of their special day.
  4. You’ve been together for a long time and just want to “make it legal.” This is a popular theme for many of my Sign-and-Go couples who have been together 10 years or longer. They already live together as a married couple and want to formally recognize their union in the eyes of the law.
  5. You want to legally marry before the public ceremony. There are times when a couple prefers to marry each other privately and then have a public wedding celebration for friends and family. In fact, I am sometimes asked to officiate two ceremonies, and I am happy to oblige. The first ceremony is quick and easy. The second ceremony is more in-depth and emotional.

There you have it — five reasons why a Sign-and-Go ceremony may be the option you’ve been looking for. If you’re ready to tie the knot without breaking the bank, contact me at 740-525-6974 or send a message to reserve your date and time. We can do it today, tomorrow, or a month from now. That’s the beauty of a walk-in wedding option. It’s part of my “your wedding your way” guarantee.

If you want to get married but want something a bit more formal than a Sign-and-Go ceremony, you can check out other wedding options here. If you want a themed wedding or another option not listed, reach out to me, and we’ll explore the options together.


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