Courthouse Elopements

Quite often, I receive phone calls asking me if I can do a last-minute elopement. As long as I have nothing else scheduled, I can do it!

If you want an expedient elopement, consider meeting me at the Wood County or Washington County Courthouse. Walk in. Get your marriage license. Walk out, and I’ll marry you. It’s that simple.

Of course, many of the elopements I officiate occur at my little wedding chapel or on location. I’ll even come to your home.

When it comes to getting married, it’s all about what you want.

All Chapel Ceremonies $75 – Valentine’s Day Only

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to tie the knot, why not have a sweet Valentine’s Day wedding in my wedding chapel? All ceremonies–elopements, Simple Ceremonies, and Vow Reaffirmations–will be $75 (plus WV sales tax) for one day only!

Sign-and-Go Ceremonies will be $25 on Valentines Day (plus WV sales tax).

Chapel weddings include the ceremony, use of my wedding space, and up to 12 guests! This is a $75 savings from our Simple Ceremony fee in the chapel or on location.

To get started, reach out to me at 740-525-6974 or contact me by clicking this link:

Contact Me

All weddings are by appointment only and require a non-refundable retainer for the amount of the ceremony. Your choice of a religious or non-religious ceremony is available. Vow reaffirmation (renewal) ceremonies are also available.

I’ve been blessed to unite these couples–and others–in marriage in my chapel. Will you be next?

Courtney and Donovan – Married by Deb
George and June – Married by Deb
Shyla and Joshua – Married by Deb
Penny and Paul – Married by Deb
Rushi and Gita – Married by Deb
Kaytlyn and Jay – Married by Deb
April and Kelley – Married by Deb