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My decision to become a wedding officiant was based solely on my marriage experience. My fiancé Johnny and I eloped. We drove to Columbus, OH and were married by a nice lady who dedicated the first floor of her home to weddings. It was beautiful, low-cost, and the stress of planning a wedding was virtually eliminated.

After the ceremony I told my husband I’d love to marry couples one day, not knowing if I was just thinking out loud or if it was something I’d actually do. A few months ago I thought I’d give it a try. I became an ordained minister; I became licensed to officiate weddings in West Virginia and Ohio; and I brought my husband on board to help when I needed to take pictures during the ceremony.

Mid-Ohio Valley Wedding Officiants was born.

Little did I know that my heart would become abundantly full in this new venture. I’ve been asked  so many questions about what I can do and don’t do. Many of these questions are covered on my FAQ page, but here are some of the typical questions many couples ask.

Do you officiate last-minute weddings?

I can and I have officiated ceremonies on a hour’s notice. If I am available, I can officiate your ceremony in my office, in my chapel, or at a location of your choice.

We’ve officiated weddings in homes, at parks, and at our studio located on the second floor of The Dils Center at 521 Market Street.

Can you officiate weddings over the phone?

No. I cannot legally officiate weddings over the phone.

I have been asked if I can marry a couple via telephone when one person is incarcerated and the other wants to marry him/her. The State of WV and The State of OH have confirmed that I cannot legally perform a ceremony unless both people are present.

Will you perform a same-sex ceremony?

Yes. I will and I have officiated a same-sex wedding ceremony. I support marriage equality.

Bring a government-issued I.D. (driver’s license, photo I.D., or passport) and your marriage license, and we’ll perform the ceremony in my office, my studio, or at a location of your choice.

Do you take pictures?

Yes! Mid-Ohio Valley Wedding Officiants is a division of Deb Lorentz Photography. My studio is across the hall from my wedding chapel. I can also take pictures on location. If you need a photographer and an officiant, my husband will officiate the ceremony while I take pictures. Pictures are considered an add-on service.

Here are some of the add-on services from which to choose:

  • Engagement Pictures
  • Bridal Boudoir
  • Groom Boudoir
  • Wedding Package

We want just the vows. Can you do that?

Yes. This is called the “Sign-and-Go” package. I eliminate everything but the “I do” portion of the ceremony. It’s quick and easy. I can sign the paperwork in my office or meet you at a location of your choice in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

You can see my services and rate here.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me. I’ll add a contact form soon. Until then, you can contact me at or via my Facebook page here .


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